Print Designer

As a print designer, I have created brochures, posters, postcards, CD liner notes, and newspaper layouts. I have years of experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Quark. My work as a print designer frequently employs not only my knowledge of typography, design, image manipulation, and color separation - but also my skills as an illustrator and copywriter. My integrated approach enables me to oversee a design from concept through to production.

  A partial list of past projects:

Radio Hour (band):
- CD art
- Sleeve Artwork
- Lyrics sheet
- Bio sheet

Happy Butterfly Foot (band):
- Poster
- Guitar Pick
- See also Web Design

Tautologic (band):
- Posters 1, 2, 3, 4
- Bios - 2005, 2007
- See also Web Design

HealthQuiz, Inc. (online health product):
- Brochures Sample 1, Sample 2

- Poster - Voice Lessons
- Bios - Ethan Sellers Band
- See also Web Design