If you're a filmmaker, I would love to write the soundtrack for your film. I'm comfortable writing and performing original music in a wide range of styles - classical, jazz, new age, R&B, soul, funk, Latin, gypsy, Celtic/Irish, bluegrass, Cajun, country... you name it.

If you're a musician, make your track stand out from the pack - add lush strings, brass, woodwinds, and other instrumental texture to your album. Arrangement is a craft - you don't just "jam out" a string section in the studio and get good results. You need someone who knows what they're doing to get a finely-crafted sound. You bring the demo or the track you're working on, tell me what you want, and I take care of the rest - writing parts, performing them, hiring top-notch players as needed, conducting and engineering the recording sessions, etc.

I studied harmony, counterpoint, composition, and orchestration in college and I've been writing imaginative arrangements for bands and solo artists for a decade. I've written three rock operas and scored several short films and videos. I have a network of skilled sessions musicians and have a personal studio at which I can record live musicians or create parts with high-quality MIDI instruments.


2013 Burnham Award: Chicago Cultural Plan - client is Metropolitan Planning Council (I composed/performed keyboards/drums)
Space in Between: 2012 Placemaking Chicago Contest - client is Metropolitan Planning Council (I composed/performed guitar/percussion)
2012 Burnham Award: GO TO 2040 - client is Metropolitan Planning Council (I composed and performed all instruments on MIDI)
Bridgeton Nod - Logical Fleadh (composer)
Jaggey Bunnet - Logical Fleadh (composer)
Ballad of St. James - Logical Fleadh (songwriter/arranger)
Loud Shoes - Tautologic (composer)
The Whistler - Tautologic (composer)
Not If But When - Tautologic (composer)
On Your Left - Tautologic (composer)
Gone Too Far - Michael Carlos (full band, string, horn, and choir arrangement)


My time is $40/hr by the hour, but discounts are available for larger projects. Every project is unique, so please contact me for an estimate. I'm happy to discuss per project rates or "volume discounts" for multiple arrangements.